No Credit Check Mortgage Refinancing? It’s a thing of the Past!

Just like the No doc. mortgage loan, the no doc. refinance is a thing of the past. Though the financial meltdown that brought about the “Great Recession” cannot be blamed entirely on “sketchy” loans of this type many experts believe they played their part. No doc refinance loans were given to people whose credit was less than perfect by lenders who were more interested in their fees and commission than the financial condition of the borrower. The result has left many people in serious financial difficulties, including the threat of losing their home.

No Doc Mortgage Refinancing may be gone, but at RefinanceItt we are still committed to assisting home owners!

While a no doc. refinancing loan may no longer be available, we’re still helping people with bad credit to refinance their home mortgages. Whether you want to obtain a lower interest rate, take out a fixed rate home mortgage to replace your ARM, or need to access the cash value accumulated in your home for improvements or repairs, the home mortgage refinancing experts you will find on our website can provide you with the help you need.

No Credit Check Mortgage Refinance? Beware!

Any lender who promises a no credit check refinance is one to be wary of. Virtually no reputable lender will grant a loan without a credit check. The reasons should be obvious. If a lender is willing to process a mortgage refinance without checking an individual’s credit do you want to be involved with them? The lenders that you will find here perform a credit check as part of the process. The difference at is that our lenders specialize in providing home mortgage refinancing to people whose credit is less than perfect.

Why should you consider a mortgage refinance?

  • Interest rates are at historical lows, refinancing your mortgage at a lower interest rate can not only put cash back in your pocket but make your financial future more secure.
  • The ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) was a popular option for people, particularly first time home buyers, 3-5 years of payments at the initial interest rate provided them with the ability to handle the payments comfortably. The adjustments started and the payments were no longer easy to make. Wage stagnation has played a part in this problem with salaries remaining the same or in some cases shrinking. Switching your ARM to a fixed rate can help.
  • Your finances have been battered by the recession and you need cash for things like home improvements or repairs but your budget won’t allow it? Consider a mortgage refinance to tap into your home’s equity to make the necessary improvements or repairs. In fact, any need for a large sum of cash can be a reason to tap into the value of your most important asset. It can also carry with it the added benefit of an income tax deduction on April 15th (check with your tax professional.)

Rebuilding your credit with a refinanced mortgage!

One of the benefits which can also come with a mortgage refinance can be improved credit standing. Because our lenders are members of at least one of the three major credit bureaus your timely payments on your mortgage refinance will be recorded and make a difference in your all important FICO score. This score is your reputation with the business community and has an impact on your ability to obtain other forms of credit. Your credit history can have far reaching effects on your life. Employers have been known to use credit checks to determine who they will hire. Insurance companies use your credit score to determine the rates you receive on homeowners and auto insurance policies as well. Help yourself to a better life, a more secure future with a mortgage refinance through our network.

No Credit Check Refinancing? No Doc. Mortgage Refinance Loan? You won’t find it here!

What we will promise you is courteous, professional service by lenders who know how to get your loan request processed even if your credit is less than perfect. They specialize in finding the refinance loan that is suited to your individual needs with term and payments to fit your budget. No doc. mortgage refinance isn’t available, but our lenders can give you something better, a refinance mortgage loan tailored to you even with less than perfect credit!